Thanks so much, for this, and all that you and your team does.  Typically, I sit through VA related CLE’s and get frustrated at the imprecise information
being passed along. When I sit through a VisPro presentation, I always come out of it more knowledgeable and better informed.

Chris Johnson
Takacs McGinnis Elder Care Law, PLLC
Hendersonville, TN

Karen is a very knowledgeable and interesting speaker.  The materials are excellent and well organized.  Highly recommended.  

Richard L. Newman, Esq.
Doylestown, PA



I am attaching the evaluation doc.  Thanks for the seminar.  Always good refresher and new info.


Jessa Miller
Attorney at Law
Cleveland, TN 37364


Thanks to you and VisPro forms and list serve!!  We won the BVA appeal for a client a year ago. Just today, we received the award.  Each of the six
retroactive years was different, of course.  The resultant retroactive benefits award would not have been possible without your, Rita's, and VisPro's help
concerning claim forms and EVRs for the last six years going back to the effective date in 2011.  It took quite a bit of back and forth with the VA on the
"new claim" forms using them to go back that far and with EVRs for every year since but it all worked out.  Now we have to have the fiduciary appointed

Kudos to VisPro!!

Richard R. Vouga, J.D.
Vouga Elder Law & Estate Planning
Chesterfield, Missouri


I have to admit that I only reluctantly bought your VisPro program.  Many software systems promise a lot but deliver little. And it was only because of the
praise of VisPro by other attorneys that I handed you my charge card at the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association seminar.

I am pleased to tell you that my Care Coordinator, Vickie Rech, and I are thrilled with VisPro.  It has saved us untold time in helping our clients apply for
Aid and Attendance benefits.  VisPro has taken the steep learning curve and just about flattened it out.  VisPro tells us what questions to ask, which forms
to use, and offers comprehensive explanations and tips along the way.

As lagniappe, your email Q & A is invaluable also.  We posted some questions that would have taken us hours to resolve on our own, and almost
immediately, you and Victoria Collier came back with comprehensive, well written responses.  We have gotten our money’s worth from the email Q & A
alone with the time you saved us in the first few weeks.  We feel as though we have a well seasoned professional standing over our shoulders guiding us
through the learning process.

Congratulations on one heck of a product and incredible service and, please, keep up the good work because we need you.

With best regards, I am

Sincerely yours,

Joseph R. Gilsoul
VA Accredited Attorney
Weems, Schimpf, Gilsoul, Haines, Landry & Carmouche
Shreveport. LA

Also from Joe Gilsoul:

I took the time to listen to your video, and it is terrific. I think you need to emphasize more that everyone who purchases your software needs to make the
time to listen to the video.

You sure have a marvelous product. As I’m now doing these forms myself until I can get a new person hired, I am really learning just how marvelous it is.
Nothing like it exists for any other … anything.


I found this webinar extremely well organized and well presented. I can't see how you could have possibly done a better job.

"karen is one of kind"

You always provide service “above and beyond the call of duty.” (My goal over the next year is to become well-versed in the service-connected aspect of
the VA law. We’ll see how that goes. The information you make available will be particularly valuable in that pursuit.)

Kemp Scales
VA Accredited Attorney
Titusville, PA


First, thank you for the training and the test materials that you offered in the past.  After 14 months and several phone calls to the OGC, I finally got the
"invite" to take the Claims Agent Exam.

The materials that your organization provided were so very helpful in helping me to study and prepare for the exam. Your test, which I passed, materials
along with the answer key citations were also really helpful during the study process.  

Lillian C. Pitts, MSM, MSS
American Legion Certified Post Service Officer
NVLSP Service Officer Training Course Graduate
Executive Secretary, Life &Transitions Human Services Ctr., Inc., St. Augustine, FL 32092


You are, by far,
the best resource we have (and we have a lot of resources) so thank you!

Helayne Levy, J.D., LL.M. in Elder Law
VA Accredited Attorney
Licensed in North Carolina and New York


I was extremely pleased with the webinar.  The level of knowledge and expertise that is expressed and shown throughout the presentation is bar none.  
Additionally, it is a plus to be able to ask questions directly to the presenters.  I have NO complaints, other than I wish that I could participate in more of the

Lillian Pitts, MSM, MSS
American Legion



I am thrilled to report that after 10 months, we successfully had a claim APPROVED after an initial denial based on questioning of assets transferred to a
non-grantor irrevocable trust.

I submitted the claim for reconsideration along with a copy of the trust for review and the VA awarded the benefit back to the origination date.

Your help and guidance was instrumental and I can't thank you all enough for the timely and accurate information.

Christina Drumm Boyd, BHS, CSA, GCM
Accredited U.S.Veterans Administration Agent
Care Connect of Hampton Roads, Inc.
Virginia Beach, VA  


Karen was able to pack a significant amount of information into the CLE webinar.  The resources she provided will be an asset to our practice in this area
of law.  I am so happy she did current updates on the laws and regs.  I feel so much more confident on the subjects she covered.  The CLE I did before
the course was an audio recording from 2012.  It looks like much has changed!  So glad I took the course.  I also appreciated the way she wove in
representation pitfalls and how she highlighted important intake questions for all intakes in an elder law practice (including  estate administration).  I wish
we had more time to go over the topics in the webinar.  I think the materials will help cover those topics we did nto go over in depth.  I am interested to
listen to her 6 hour lecture

Daniella Keller, Esq.
Rowlands and Lebrou


VisPro is the most comprehensive VA Application software on the market, including forms for Improved Pension, Compensation, Dept. of Defense, Health
Care and Burial benefits. The help boxes throughout are a great way to train new staff, saving time and unnecessary novice errors.  Worth the investment.

Victoria L. Collier, CELA
Decatur, GA

Karen did a great job of presenting the materials in an easy to understand format.  She takes an overwhelming topic and breaks it down into units that are

Susan Graham
Senior Edge Legal
Boise, ID

Karen and Jay,

Susan has forwarded this request to Terri in our office.  I just wanted to touch base with you and thank both of you for the help you have given me with the
VisPro program and training.  I am retiring effective July 31 and want you to know all that you do for the Veterans to help them obtain benefits is
appreciated.  As with the elderly, Veterans are often an underserved population and it is nice to know there are people like you that are addressing that

Barbara J. Miller
Senior Edge Legal
Boise, ID


We have been working with VISPRO / Karen McIntyre since 2010 and have found this to be one of the best resources for Veterans Benefits available.  I
have employed Karen as a consultant as well and whenever I have a concern or need guidance or clarification she promptly provides me with the
information that I need.


April Rowh
Legal Assistant
Sheri A. Peters, Esq.
Munroe Falls, Ohio 44262


Six years ago, I started my journey with assisting our veterans with their VA pension applications.  I had no prior knowledge of what to do or how to
complete an application.  I owe my success in this field to the webinars provided to me by the creators of VISPRO.  They are very detailed and informative,
and they provide you with the tools you need to successfully advocate for our Veterans.  I would recommend participation in all of the webinars to further
your education on assisting our veterans.

Taking the sample VA examination was an eye opener.  It brought to light my strengths and weaknesses.  This examination is a great guide to those who
are going to take the accreditation examination.   

Joanne Solometo
VA Benefit Specialist
Rothkoff Law Group
Cherry Hill, NJ  08002


"Karen McIntyre has spoken twice at Suffolk University Law School in Boston.  On both occasions, she was a key speaker, highly rated and we found her
presentations and knowledge of VA most beneficial to our attendees and would welcome her again as a speaker."

Carole Wagan
Director, Advanced Legal Studies
Center for CLE & Academic Conferences
Suffolk University Law School


" I just have to say that Vis-Pro is an amazing help cutting through the red tape of the VA application process. It is an amazing information database and a
wonderful time saver. I love the easy referencing, the fact that the forms are self explanatory and the tabs for reference. I feel like I have all the tools at
hand that I need to be able to help my clients in the best way possible."

Kelcee-Rebecca Hetue, Legal Assistant to  Joe H. Kimmel, VA claims
The Kimmel Law Firm
Paducah, Kentucky


I have participated in Karen's CLE webinars at least three times.  Her materials are well organized and easy to follow.  She makes the many VA benefit
programs understandable and explains how they apply to my clients.  She is a great resource.

Thanks.  Susan.
Susan M. Graham
Senior Edge Legal
Boise, ID

The marketing materials offered by Veterans Information Services, Inc. are excellent.  Several of lawyers in this firm sat in on Karen’s marketing
presentation and we all found it very helpful.   

Sincerely yours,

Alexander M. Taylor, Esq.
Kennerly, Montgomery & Finley, P.C.
Knoxville, Tennessee 37902


I took Karen’s training course in 2011 before I start practicing VA Pension Benefits law.
It was a very comprehensive course that covers all related areas to VA Benefits.
The written materials are also very comprehensive and helpful, and I still use those materials for guidance.
This course is a “must” for anyone who would like to start assisting people for their VA benefits.  
Best regards,

Ms. Mieko Shikuma
Shikuma Law Offices, PLLC
Seattle, WA 98133

We all work hard and every so often it is good to get a thank you. Without your help, enthusiasm, and advocacy for veterans, we would not be where we
are today. Your work on the list serve is unbelievable and the VISPRO documents are worth their weight in gold. Thank you for your work, encouragement,
and for all the work you do.

David Wingate,
Elder Care Attorney & Accredited Veterans Attorney
Senior Life Care Planning, LLC


A personal, deeply felt thanks for your many hours of effort on this listserv. And for the seminars you provide. You are a tremendous resource that my
firm, and I'm sure many others, could not do without. The help you provide in understanding the VA laws has assisted me in providing much better service
to our nation's veterans. Thank you.

Donald D. Vanarelli, Esq.
Law Office of Donald D. Vanarelli
Westfield, NJ 07090


You are an indispensable resource (and blessing) for my practice, and most importantly for my clients!  Thanks again and again.

Gregory T. Pearce
Attorney at Law
Wakefield, MA and Cambridge, MA


"Your seminars are the best."  Sheri.

Sheri A. Peters, Esq.
Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law
Williger & Peters
Monroe Falss, OH


I just wanted to take a minute to express how amazing you are in helping Veterans and their families get the needed services they deserve.  You truly are
a gem and we are all lucky to have such an advocate out there. I wish I had even 1/2 of what you know about all of the Veteran's Benefits. You go above
and beyond and I wanted to take a moment to tell you how appreciated and valuable you are.   Hope you and Jay are well.

Warm Regards,
Angie Griffith
Estate Planning and Elder Law Firm, PC
Arlington, VA


A thank you & testimonial:

Thank you for your tireless efforts on the part of our US wartime veterans and those of us who serve them. Your expertise, experience, and enthusiasm
always provide timely updates and seasoned counsel. You are a 'priceless' professional resource that is available to us at a 'pittance' of its actual value.  
!Viva VisPro and the McIntyres!

Rick L Law, Esq., VA Accredited Attorney

Rick L Law, Attorney
Law ElderLaw
Aurora, IL 60502
Learn more about us at


I have to tell you--the software is amazing.  I was so confused and overwhelmed and nervous, but just working through your forms and suggestions and
help boxes helped so much.

I am so impressed with you and how diligent and helpful you are.

Many thanks,

Sara Polinsky, Esq.

"The biggest difference between doing VA applications this year compared to last is VisPro"

Teresa Houston, Hurley Law Firm
Life Care Planners Law Firms Association Conference
New Orleans, LA, September 13, 2008

Your excellent and impressively timely responses and continued improvements (like categorizing
the responses to make it easier for us to save them to the List-Serve Journal) really adds value
to an already valuable product.

Great job.


Joseph R. Gilsoul
Weems, Schimpf, Gilsoul, Haines, Landry & Carmouche
Shreveport, LA 71104

"VA Aid & Attendance applications are intimidating and difficult to follow.  If they are not properly completed, benefits will be denied and there could be a
year long period before the application can be resubmitted.  VisPro is the solution to these issues.  VisPro provides incredible guidance for what
information needs to be placed on which line and what does not need to be included.  It even provides a calculator to estimate the income level necessary
for benefit qualification and what the award should be.  If your practice involves VA benefits, this is the must have solution for application guidance."

Miles P. Hurley
Hurley Elder Care Law
Atlanta, Georgia  


"As a manager of 3 Assisted Living Communities in Massachusetts I have had the pleasure of doing business with the owners of VisPro since 2004.  They
have helped many of our residents successfully filter through the complicated VA process and given our residents the needed support to obtain the VA
benefits that these Veterans deserve and are entitled to receive.  I am extremely confident that their newest project offering inter-active CDs will be simple
to use and cost effective."

Walter O'Hanian
Christopher Heights Assisted Living
Attleboro, MA

"These CDs, produced by nationally recognized experts on Veterans Administration benefits, provide the user with a step-by-step guide through the VA
maze.  By anticipating virtually every scenario that you or your client might face, the authors have taken all mystery out of the application process."

Dan Munster, Attorney at Law
Atlanta, GA

“The authors of VisPro have served our clients well for over five years.  Without their assistance in navigating the VA system, families would have been
lost in the complicated application process.  Through the guidance of these professionals, our clients gained access to benefits, which they, as Veterans,

Michelle Ettenger
Community Relations Director
Elmcroft of Roswell, GA
Veterans Information
Services, Inc.
"When I first started practicing elder law back in the mid-Nineties I distinctly remember law
issues...but also the "how to" issues to serve my elder law clients.

Years later, with the same trepidation I moved my practice into the area of Veterans
Benefits...I saw the opportunity to serve the Greatest Generation, but frankly I was
concerned about how to actually help this group...I didn't have nearly the grasp of VA
issues that I had with I listened to my VA mentors...attorneys Victoria Collier
and Rick Law...and I dove in.

I invested in VisPro software and joined the about a lifesaver!  The
software, designed to take me and my staff through the filing of VA claims, is like a breath
of fresh is intuitive...and gives help every step of the way.  Vis Pro almost
anticipates my questions and then answers them in a way I can understand and pass on
to my clients.

What I didn't fully grasp when I invested in the software was the value of the List about a sharing community!  Karen McIntyre and her team are like a research
think tank...a question is posted by an attorney like me and within a short period of time I
am given the answer to my question with legal citations where needed....while they are not
practicing law  in the responses...they do give me the direction and confidence I need to
practice in this ever-evolving area.

I would be lost without Vis Pro...anyone practicing in the area of VA benefits should invest
in this gets my highest recommendation!

William G. Hammond, JD
Overland Park, KS
643 Springharbor Drive, Woodstock, GA 30188   770-924-3253