Veterans Information
Services, Inc.
Special One and a Half Hour Presentation
for Care Facility Staff

This is a video presentation on basic VA benefits, explaining in layman's terms
what VA benefits are and who might be eligible. It is presented by Karen
McIntyre, R.N., VA Accredited Agent.

The presentation also explains what staff members can do to help their veteran
family residents, while remaining compliant with the law.  This includes basic
assessment for benefits and determination of benefits eligibility.

Staff will also learn some of the changes to look for in their resident's medical
and mental conditions and when to report them to the appropriate individual;
i.e. doctor, nurse, administrative staff, or family member.

This program comes with a
Care Expense Statement and full explanation of
how to complete it so that the cost of the facility can be used for VA pension
purposes; regardless of whether the facility is assisted living, independent living,
or skilled nursing.

In addition, a sample physician's affidavit accompanies this program, along
with an explanation page for the attending physician.

This program, with all of its handouts, is free for facilities who purchase
VisPro for their residents.

If purchased without
VisPro, the cost is $150.00.