Being a VisPro Licensee:

allows you to tap into the more than 23 million veterans and their eligible

allows you to increase your legal services; thereby, increasing your revenue

provides you with a competitive marketing edge

provides you with free marketing materials that can be customized to your
specific firm

allows you to thoroughly assess your clients for benefits and for legal planning

helps you to remain compliant with VA law and policies

helps to keep you apprized of all new regulations and policies

allows your valuable time to be spent with clients, instead of completing forms

walks your staff or client through the entire application process in an easy
step-by-step manner

gives you a forum through its managed list-serve to discuss VA, VA planning,
DOD, Medicaid, and other issues with your peers

gives you the opportunity to have VA agents with more than 40 years combined
experience  in claims personally assist you free of charge with your questions on
a daily basis

provides you with an archives of all previous list-serve postings, citations, VA
fast letters and directives, and other references that are easily accessed through
folders and files alphabetized by subject

provides your staff with a free 90 minute audio/video tutorial on both the
software and list-serve archives site that can be accessed at any time
Veterans Information
Services, Inc.
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